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Music and Dancing


The following links provide some information about music and dancing in Auckland New Zealand. It is mostly Country and Western stuff, but the EventFinder link covers about everything in the region.

Arts (Pottery)


At the moment there is a link to Marianne's pottery activities (still under construction) and a link to the Matakana Country Park Market. This place offers a lot of activities and is home to the Craft Shop where local artists sell there products in their own co-operative.

Geeky Stuff


Here are some interesting links if you are interested in technology, science or nature.

Here you can get more information


This website provides information and links people always asks us about. It is a loose collection of topics and will change all the time a bit, depending of what replies and requests we get.

Please try out the various location this website is linked to. If you feel like leaving us a comment or want to get more information just use this email link to contact us.